Ethereum Domain Name System ENS will migrate the registry, ENS users need to upgrade the Ethereum Domain Name System as soon as possible

ENS announced that it will migrate the ENS registry and update the ENS registry contract to fix bugs and add some new features. New features include configuring the owner and resolver of a domain name in a single transaction; creating a subdomain name and setting up a resolver for it in a single transaction; changing the domain name (changing resolver and owner) on behalf of the contract or other account, like The "authorization" function in ERC721. Ordinary users do not need to take immediate action and can continue to use ENS normally, but ENS recommends that wallets, DApps, subdomain registries, libraries, and any other services using ENS immediately upgrade to the new registry contract, meanwhile, said that the old registry is used Contracted services will continue to operate normally. The new ENS registry has been deployed, and services using ENS should be upgraded in their code as soon as possible. ENS plans to migrate .ETH domain names from the old registry to the new registry between February 3 and 5.