Kava, Cosmos's first DeFi project, will launch CDP testnet on February 5

Kava, the first DeFi project on Cosmos, announced that its first CDP test network will be officially launched on February 5, 14:00 UTC (22:00 Beijing time). The goal of the test network is to test end-to-end CDP functions, including Upcoming deployments test for bugs and other features, as well as testing governance functions (such as adding and removing assets) and tuning parameters (such as stabilization fees and clearing penalties). The team will also use the testnet to improve, document, and improve the governance process, and Kava Labs encourages validators to participate in this governance to become familiar with the operating model. In addition, professionals who build Cosmos / DeFi interfaces can apply for the Kava Grants program. It is worth noting that this test will not support anchor testing of external assets. The team stated that the future testnet will support the anchor asset function, as well as provide vulnerability bounty and reward programs for system attacks.