US Rep .: Optimistic about the prospect of digital dollars, tokens are a good way to change the architecture of payment systems

According to Cointelegraph, U.S. Rep. French Hill said in an interview after the hearing that our goal is to establish a payment system with a chain of custody (ie, blockchain), open to bank companies and non-bank companies, and provide alternative payment methods. . Hill is bullish on the digital dollar, which will facilitate a wide range of transactions. Hill said the idea of ​​having a U.S. dollar mechanism for commercial or consumer transactional tokens was attractive. In addition, U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson said in an interview that there is no current law requiring the payment system to be fixed to the bank. Davidson sees cryptocurrency as an alternative. Davidson said that the cryptocurrency space has frightened many people because banks are already so integrated into payment systems. Davidson believes that architecture needs to change and tokens are a great way.