ETC will implement Phoenix hard fork, aiming to fix the originally planned Aztlán hard fork

ETC officially released an announcement saying that when implementing the Aztlán hard fork for Parity-Ethereum and Multi-Geth nodes, Wei Tang found some normative defects and proposed two fixes: “fix” and “redo” (fix refers to In the same block, two hard fork upgrades will be set up, and the second hard fork protocol will repair the first hard fork; redo refers to the original hard fork upgrade plan is modified to replace Original bifurcation). ETC officials remind that there is still 8.5 weeks to activate Aztlán in the planned ETC mainnet. ETC officials believe that developers can use the "fix" scheme to cover the Aztlán hard fork in the original plan. Aztlán is currently released in Multi-Geth 1.9.7 and will be available in Parity-Ethereum. As long as consensus can be reached, ETC is expected to achieve full bytecode compatibility with the ETH main network on March 25, 2020, and it will be called Phoenix Day. At that time, ETC will activate two hard forks-ECIP 1061: AztlánEVM and protocol upgrade (Yingchun version); ECIP 1078: Phoenix EVM and protocol upgrade.