The second half of the blockchain? Don't be funny, it hasn't started yet

In June 2018, the market value of most virtual cryptocurrencies shrank or even returned to zero, and the blockchain industry as a whole fell into a downturn. Some blockchain companies closed down, and a large number of employees left. The failed company involved almost all the blockchain-related subdivisions such as the currency circle, chain circle, mining circle, blockchain self-media, and virtual cryptocurrency exchanges. The funds entering the blockchain industry are decreasing, and some institutions and most small retail investors have become leeks and have been forced out. The blockchain industry is in a doldrums. There are reasons for laws and regulations and strict supervision, but the deeper reason is that the value of blockchain technology and blockchain applications has not yet appeared.

This article is mainly to analyze the reasons for the downturn in the blockchain field. It also analyzes how the first half of the blockchain should unfold from the perspective of serving the development of the real economy.

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