Report: PoS has advantages over PoW, but PoW still has the upper hand

According to a recent LongHash report, the combined number of PoS and DPoS systems has surpassed PoW systems. However, PoW systems may still prevail. According to, as of press time, the tokens supported by PoW accounted for 82.92% of the dominant position in the field, with a total market value of approximately $ 213.5 billion. In comparison, the digital assets supported by PoS and DPoS account for only 6.78% of the entire industry, with a market value of only 17.51 ​​billion US dollars. However, it is worth noting that in the above estimates, the large number of tokens under PoW and PoS systems is not very important (in terms of price value). As of press time, PoW was supported by six tokens in the top ten digital assets, including BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LTC, and ETC. Among the top ten, only two PoS and DPoS supported tokens are EOS and BNB. However, when considering the ranking of the top 50 tokens, the situation changed, with a total ratio of PoS and DPoS tokens to PoW tokens of 12:11. Through the above analysis, PoS may have more advantages than PoW, but this does not necessarily mean that the popularity of PoW is currently declining.