Canaan Technology will donate no less than 2 million yuan in cash and materials to this epidemic

According to Beep News, as of January 31, Jianan Technology and executives have donated a total of 1.2 million cash, and plans to donate a total of cash (materials) of not less than 2 million yuan in value. After the outbreak, the company's management attached great importance to it from January 20, and made relevant work deployments as soon as possible: 1. Establishing a special group to purchase medical masks, medical alcohol, disposable gloves, and temperature measuring guns for employees at the first time , Blood oxygen saturation tester, preventive medicine and other anti-epidemic materials; 2. Organize employees in some office areas and make arrangements for home office; 3. At the same time, emergencyally contact the resources of all parties, enthusiastic international volunteers, etc., and organize the global procurement of epidemic-deficient supplies .