Bitcoin skyrocketing, USDT plummeted, what happened to the currency ring in the near future?

During this period of time, the news of the currency circle continued, and the price of the currency was also turbulent. The bitcoin that had entered the “winter” for a long time suddenly burst out suddenly on the first day of April, and the price of the market from around 4,000 was pulled in just one day. At the height of 5,000 or so, some people cheered and shouted that winter was finally over, and bitcoin recovery was in sight. Some people are worried that this is just a small episode in the cold winter.

During this time, the currency circle is not quite flat. The trend since April 24 is even more elusive. It is U-shaped, and the U-shaped position makes the Air Force and the multi-military burst out of tears. For the BTC trend, the red box is a double-explosive operation. Investors have expressed their feelings that they are very tired. Playing the contract is to say that the mother who has been accompanying does not recognize it.

Taking the line a little longer, let’s take a look at the 17-year “bull market” and the overall trend is actually sinking at a high level. From the closer node, the 19-year opening to the present is a low-end High trend. Taking Bitcoin as an example, January, February and March are basically sideways. In April, a wave of market suddenly came. This wave of market has made many people very excited. This has happened before many people said that it is a bull market. "The question that came back again.

Many people are caught off guard by sudden sudden attacks. In the previous article, they actually analyzed the reasons for this wave of market. They are mainly composed of three reasons. 1. Representatives of the US Congress submitted two bills on the consideration of the Bitcoin bill. News, including HR922 – "Virtual Money Consumer Protection Act of 2019", HR923 – "The US Virtual Money Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act of 2019".

Interpreting these two laws from a legal point of view will provide legal protection for the trading of Bitcoin and all other virtual digital currencies. It is a very positive signal, which immediately pulls back the investor's confidence, resulting in a large influx of funds. , the price of the currency is raised.

The second reason is a bit strange. According to foreign media sources, the SEC passed the application of the Bitcoin futures product ETF in early April and was allowed to enter the market. But in fact, this is a fool's day joke, and later released this April Fool's Day, the foreign blockchain professional financial media financemagnates also added the words "April Fool's Joke" to the official website to clarify.

The third reason stems from Reuters, a very mysterious employer who bought more than $100 million in bitcoin in mainstream exchanges such as coinbase. In this relatively "bear" environment, I suddenly pulled a big wave. Let the price of Bitcoin soar.

The picture below shows the strong trend of Bitcoin in the recent past. You can see a wave of prices in the red box since April.

From the perspective of the digital cryptocurrency market, following the rise of Bitcoin, the total market value of the overall digital cryptocurrency has broken trillions. The total market value is now around $1.1 billion. The positive effects of Bitcoin itself will certainly promote the recovery of the overall digital cryptocurrency market.

It can also be seen from this round of recovery in early April that some people say that bitcoin may have a blood-sucking effect on other currencies, and others say that bitcoin will prove to be promoted. Personal opinion is that whether it is blood-sucking or pushing, Bitcoin's promotion of digital cryptocurrency must be positive and positive.

Recently, in addition to the belief, there is one thing that specifically tests people's nerves. This is the most important USDT scandal, which has caused a stable currency to fluctuate and the currency value fluctuates drastically. The picture below shows the USDT's cliff-like fall in a short period of time.

The main reason for this is a report by Bloomberg, which described a spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General of the City of New York, saying that the Bitfinex exchange, which is inextricably linked to USDT, is directly misappropriating to fill the $850 million deficit. The USDT was filled. Directly causing the USDT currency to cause a 4% volatility, while 4% is also a terrible loss for a stable currency with a total market capitalization of approximately $3 billion. The picture below shows the USDT decline chart in the original text of Bloomberg.

The follow-up reports are also very confusing. According to media sources, TEDA (USDT parent company) is deeply mired in financial losses and is unable to repay. There is also news that the $500 million of the bitfinex exchange is only temporarily Freezing, not a shortfall, the news is flying all over the place, no one can touch the context of the current market.

Simply make a small forecast. At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin is around 5,300. In the short term, it is bound to be in a sideways state. The mainstream currency is sideways and slightly small, and ETH returns from the high of 1100 to the early 1000s. Recently, Ai Guou’s limelight has passed, and it is not possible to blindly chase the SGD. Recently, a few of the most popular SGD have a huge momentum, but fans who have fallen after the currency want to defend their rights. This needs attention.

The final investment is risky, and the market must be cautious. The trend of Bitcoin itself must be steady and rising. However, in the short term, there may be slight fluctuations due to various factors. To do short-wavelength, you need to pay attention to stop-loss and stop-loss. All new Aiyiou projects need to be carefully selected. In the big exchanges, the coins can also be snapped up. The projects of the small exchanges are not recommended to buy. After all, the online ones are found in many cases.

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Author: Nanjing Block Chaining