Due to support of BSV hard fork, Huobi will temporarily suspend BSV at 21:00 on February 3, mentioning the addition of lending business

According to Huobi's official announcement, BSV is about to perform a "Genesis" hard fork upgrade and activate the stable version when the block height reaches 620538 (expected on February 4, 2020). Huobi Global's processing plan is as follows: 1. Adjust the BSV withdrawal address. Huobi Global Station will no longer support BSV withdrawals to P2SH multi-signature addresses (addresses starting with "3") starting at 16:00 on January 20. 2. Huobi Global will suspend the new lending service business of BSV deposit, withdrawal and leveraged trading pairs at 21:00 on February 3. After confirming the stability and security of the BSV main network, the related services will be resumed. The specific time will be announced in a separate announcement. 3. Assets and transactions are not affected.