Jiang Zhuoer updates BCH miner donation plan: Before the plan starts, the miner foundation will be established

On February 1, Jiang Zhuoer updated his plan on the donation of miners, and his views are as follows (need to exchange opinions with other mining pools):

1. In the mining block, the miner directly sends part of the production to some projects he wants to donate;

2. Before the start of the miner donation plan, the BCH Miner Fund will be established and accept donations from miners, as well as donations from non-miner individuals and companies. The foundation will run for a while and let the community see the effect;

3. If some miners do not want to donate or do not accept donations, they have the right to send this part of the output that should be donated to the black hole address to permanently destroy these coins (essentially donating these coins to all BCH holdings) Currency holder);

4. Hope to complete a 3-month miner vote. If 2/3 of the computing power voted in favor of the donation, I hope that the developer can write the donation plan (to the project or the black hole address) into the May 2020 version upgrade. If the time is too late, write the November 2020 version upgrade. The donation will last 6 months until the next upgrade.

5. My personal hashrate will use a new name for mining (D.TOP);

6. I think that in the middle or end of 2020, a donation rate of 2-3% will be enough, and maybe 20% in 2021 will be enough.