The restless January finally passed, BSV rose 182% to lead the crypto market

According to the comparison data, the cryptocurrency market will generally rise in the first month of 2020.

In the past month, the turbulence in the international political situation and the drastic changes in the economic structure have had a significant impact on global financial markets and also affected the cryptocurrency market.

At the beginning of the new year, tensions between the United States and Iran have intensified. General Iranian "Holy City Brigade" commander General Suleimani was cleared by the United States, Iran launched attacks on various US targets in Iraq, and the United States imposed retaliatory economic sanctions on Iran.

With regard to the international economic situation, China and the United States have signed the first-phase trade agreement. China promises to take more actions to stop the theft of US technology and company secrets by companies and state-owned entities, and will eliminate the trade imbalance with the United States by buying US $ 200 billion in US goods.

In Europe, Russian government prime minister Medvedev said in a statement that he had decided to resign cabinet members after Putin made a proposal to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation. On the last day of the month, Brexit, which had been in operation for many years, was finally realized.

In Asia, new coronaviruses continue to rag in China, and the World Health Organization announced that the outbreak of new coronaviruses in China was listed as a public health emergency of concern (PHEIC).

In this restless January, bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, ushered in its 11th birthday, and the turbulence in the international situation has also pushed its price up continuously, eventually breaking through $ 9,000, a monthly increase of 27%.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has implemented a "Muir Glacier" upgrade, up 37% this month.

However, what really led the market was Bitcoin SV backed by Australian Craig Wright, who called himself Bitcoin creator "Satoshi Nakamoto". He submitted to the court this month a document called "Tulip Trust III", which may contain important bitcoin private key information. This has also led Bitcoin SV to rise 182% this month, leading the cryptocurrency market.

Except for Bitcoin SV, other fork coins have performed well this month. Ethereum's Forked Ethereum Classic monthly gains reached 142%, and the monthly gains of Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Cash also reached 109%, 101%, and 77%, respectively.

Privacy coins also performed very well this month, with Zcoin up 175%, Dash up 167%, and Zcash up 133%.

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