Red Cross, we have a way for you: it's time for some new technology!

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Editor's Note: The original title was "Red Cross, Let's Find a Way for You"

When "Knight Island" with the background of "People's Daily" sent a message to the Hubei Red Cross to respond, people's anger towards the Red Cross had reached its extreme point.

After Shou Guang donated vegetables to Wuhan, but was sold at a discount by the Red Cross, people thought that the Red Cross would no longer be able to perform more ridiculous behaviors, but that was contrary to expectations. At the time when the Red Cross was most needed, people found that all the donations and medical items they donated were not sent to the demand side at all, and the sum of the public figures issued did not equal the total number of people donated, and even found that front-line medical staff lives on The N95 masks I used were delivered to the "Putian" hospitals that did not have a hot diagnosis at all, and no masks were needed. From the outbreak, the Wuhan Union Hospital in the worst-hit area, only 3,000 masks were given. One, according to the standard of mask use, 3000 masks are enough for only a few days.

Just now, the Hubei Red Cross responded to "inaccurate public information due to work mistakes." In short, they changed the number. The sum of the public numbers issued on the surface now equals the total number of people's donations. This account has been leveled. .

Prior to this, many self-media have expressed their anger in words for us. After this response was issued, I believe there will be more self-media voices on the Internet. We will not discuss this without any sincerity and trustworthiness. 2. Even the payment date was wrong.

The main contradiction between charitable organizations and society is very simple. This is the institution that should be the most transparent and open. The institution that bears people's only confidence in relevant departments has become particularly opaque. People want to know whether the donated money has been sent to the most urgent demand side, whether all of it has been sent, and whether the demand side has actually used these donations to ease the emergency situation. But today's load-bearing agencies simply cannot do this.

BlockBeats posted a few days ago describing a phenomenon, that is, a few days before the outbreak, a decentralized network using WeChat groups as carrier nodes appeared in the society, and donors and hospital demanders directly in WeChat groups Butt and determine donation details. None of these institutions has a strong credibility, but when some institutions do not take action, this decentralized network similar to the concept of blockchain does start to work.

So, what we want to discuss today is the technology that most people are still unfamiliar with, can we make Wuhan Xiehe Hospital receive enough masks?

The scenario looks like this:

First, the mask production factory produces 100 masks. A two-dimensional code is measured in each mask. Workers scan the two-dimensional code and upload the mask model and geographic location to the chain for storage.

Then, the donor buys masks, and he can view the information on the masks he paid for on the chain;

Subsequently, the quality certification department can do quality inspection for the masks, and also scan the QR code to upload the quality inspection information of each mask to the chain;

Then, the logistics enter, scan the QR code, and upload the position of each mask;

Finally, Wuhan Xiehe Hospital received, scanned the QR code, uploaded the position and acceptance information of each mask, and confirmed the reception.

All the above steps can be viewed on the chain, not only mask manufacturers, donors, quality inspection, logistics, hospitals can view, anyone can view through the browser on the chain. Because there is no central institution, a network of mask manufacturers, donors, quality inspection, logistics, and hospitals jointly maintain.

These groups participating in the process actively upload real information, and the information will not be modified because unilaterally cannot modify a jointly maintained network.

Of course, in this situation, some credible institutions are still needed in this scenario, such as quality inspection institutions, such as hospitals. The existence of such institutions that are generally recognized as not lying will make this system more credible. And this system also does not consider the cost, what is the cost of the two-dimensional code without the actual numbers to support the scan cost. But this is indeed a solution that the blockchain can give Wuhan Xiehe a much-needed mask.

Or, we do n’t need the Red Cross anymore. We have another credible party, such as Han Hong, who has recently scolded the Red Cross on the Internet. We believe she can send our donated items to the demand side. What can the blockchain do? Can be used for third-party audits. When the central agency indicates that all materials have been released, people can still rely on this system to audit, because people donate, they still want to witness in person, just like daily express delivery, you can check to know where the problem is.

People-to-people trust is costly. Just like in this epidemic, there are various problems and related departments that constantly refresh people's cognition. If you want to gain public trust, it will be difficult to calculate the cost. As you can imagine, this is not a small number, it is a wrong thing and it may take 10 perfect actions to offset it.

The nature of blockchain technology is to reduce people's trust costs. In other words, cooperation between us can be completed using chains without trusting each other. The composition of the chain is actually a mechanism. There is no one in this mechanism, only the code. It ’s like, "1 + 1 = 2" is an immutable truth, or a rule. The rule is, if you believe 1 + 1 = 2, and if I believe it, then we can do it even if we do n’t know each other. Cooperate within the scope based on the "1 + 1 = 2" rule, because we believe that "1 + 1 = 2" will not change. Blockchain is a technology that eliminates human influence and believes in code and mechanisms.

Has anyone used this thing now? Yes, Baidu used to have a project called "Subsidy for Teachers in Northwest Yunnan", which launched the Duxiaoman platform, using the logic of blockchain traceability. As long as a donation occurs, a corresponding hash will be automatically generated for each donation, and users can see the middle appropriation record, including detailed information such as the time of on-chain and appropriation order number, and the funds raised by the institution, including the total amount, Information such as the name of the transfer institution, the purpose of the payment, etc., will also be recorded on the blockchain, and eventually the entire process of donation information and behaviors will be documented and penetrated.

There was a point before. In the previous article, "They form a chain under the epidemic?" As mentioned in "" , the blockchain is not necessary, and sometimes there may be more problems with the blockchain. Only when the blockchain can resolve the main contradiction can this technology be said to be useful.

When I mentioned this idea at the time, I meant to say that this technology may not be so urgent in charity. But what happened over the past few days changed this idea. At that time, the four characters of "Very Difficult to Rejuvenate the State" written by Premier Wen were made more difficult by some organizations. May really need some technology to change it.

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