Point of view: It is recommended to issue encrypted digital currency "belt currency" to improve the cross-border payment system of countries along the "Belt and Road"

On February 1st, a visiting professor from the National University of Singapore, Shih Baek, stated that Sino-Singapore financial cooperation could consider integrating digital financial services and supporting the construction and operation of the “Belt and Road” project, such as issuing encrypted digital currency “Belt Road Coin” to improve the “Belt On the basis of the cross-border payment systems of the countries along the “One Road”, on this basis, the use of digital financial services will be broadened and deepened to provide inclusive financial services to people with insufficient funds in ASEAN or countries along the “Belt and Road”; Blockchain technology designs a project operation system with information transparency and distributed multi-party governance, increasing the trust and investment of the “Belt and Road” project participating countries in the project.