Messari founder: I don't hate XRP, actually I think Ripple's technology is interesting

Messari founder Ryan Selkis recently stated in Abra's Money 3.0 podcast that Ripple has established "one of the most impressive technology stacks". Its technology solutions are also closer to "product adaptation" than other projects in the crypto space (99%). Selkis clarified that he did not hate XRP. He said: "Yes, I have criticized Ripple for its lack of transparency, and I have questioned the company's business model. But actually I think Ripple's technology is interesting In some cases (of course unlikely), the asset may succeed. "Note: Last year, Selkis published a report questioning the market value of XRP, which was strongly opposed by the XRP community. Since then, in November, Selkis released a report accusing Ripple of using the RippleWorks Charitable Foundation to avoid taxes.