Zcash community decides to break 2.1 million ZEC reward rules and will continue to fund ZEC development

According to the latest voting results announced by the Zcash Foundation recently, the Zcash community has agreed on a new mining reward distribution method and will continue to fund the development of its privacy crypto asset ZEC. Previously, according to Zcash's original plan, the miners' unions donated part of the block rewards to developers to support their continued development of ZEC, and the maximum amount of support funds was 2.1 million ZEC. The funding plan should have reached the required limit, but the community has initiated a new vote to consider whether to continue the funding plan. According to the voting results, the funding plan will continue, 20% of Zcash's mining rewards will go to the foundation, and miners will receive the remaining 80%. And Zcash's development company ECC received 7% of the mining rewards in the foundation, the foundation actually received 5%, and the remaining 8% of the mining rewards were donated to developers. Previously, the community had been discussing for months whether to continue to fund the development of ZEC. For the ECC and Zcash Foundation, continuing to develop Zcash and providing development funding can help them hire more top talent, especially It faces a time of increasing scrutiny by international regulators. For others, however, voting means a breach of the promise at the time ZEC was launched, and at the beginning, the founder's reward rules would be limited to 2.1 million ZEC (10% of total supply). In order to comply with this requirement, in July 2019, the founding team members also forked Zcash and created Ycash.