Lightning Network Client Eclair Updates 0.3.3, Adds Multi-path Payment Function

According to official news, Lightning Network client Eclair released version 0.3.3, adding multi-path payment function. In addition, several defects have been fixed, several improvements have been added, and compatibility with previous older versions. The most important update of this version is the addition of Multipart payments, which means that a single payment process can be split into multiple smaller payment amounts and sent through different channels, all processes are through The atomic method is adopted, that is, all the micropayments that have been split out succeed or fail at the same time. In addition, deterministic builds, Trampoline Routing Preview, and other interface (API) adjustments have been added this time. Earlier news, in January this year and last December, the other two major clients of Lightning Network, lnd and c-lightning, were also updated with new multi-path payment functions and other features.