Analysis: Facebook's new stance on "principles" may make launching Libra more difficult

According to BeInCrypto, recently, at the 2020 Silicon Valley Technology Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg stated that Facebook will adhere to its principles, whether or not this will anger many people. Specifically, Zuckerberg spoke of strong encryption and freedom of speech as the core of the new approach, both of which have sparked heated debate. Earlier, Facebook received great attention in December last year for its political advertising rules. For most of this administration, the company has been fiercely discussing how political advertising should be regulated. The debate has focused on whether Facebook should independently verify news coverage before allowing advertising. However, Zuckerberg now intends to leave the field, and Facebook allows advertisers to express themselves without verification. But this shift could anger a lot of politicians. Analysis said that this position may jeopardize the smooth launch of Facebook's digital currency Libra. Zuckerberg appears to be seeking approval from congressional decision makers. However, this new move away from transparency and news verification is likely to disrupt the process.