Li Qiwei: Litecoin's biggest competitor is fiat

Litecoin founder Li Qiwei was recently asked in an interview on YouTube who is LTC's biggest competitor. He did not hesitate to reply that it is fiat currency and further added: "We are all struggling to find a way Or other fiat currency is a better form of currency. I think cryptocurrency is such a better form of currency, but it will take some time before we win this 'war'. Take Litecoin and Bitcoin as examples, now The most important thing is that you can transfer value. Nowadays no one can review crypto transactions, which is the key. You can send funds through the Litecoin network without the intervention of a centralized organization. "He also commented on how crypto assets attack each other and It is not aimed at real enemies. In his view, the real enemies are fiat currencies: "Cryptocurrencies can be worth billions of dollars, but what's the point if people don't use it like fiat currencies? Right? What matters to me is the storage and payment of value. "