Report: CME Bitcoin futures contract premium continues to rise, higher than other unregulated exchanges

According to the latest report from Arcane Research, CME's bitcoin futures contract premium has been rising and currently exceeds 5%, while the premiums of other unregulated exchanges (Kraken, BitMEX, Deribit, and FTX) are still locked at 4.5 %In the range. It should be noted that these premiums are related to contracts that expire in June 2019, and will previously experience the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event. The report also highlights that the growth in the premium of BTC contracts due in March has declined. According to records in the last week of January, CME's bitcoin contract trading premium was 1.77%, while on other unregulated exchanges, the premium was still higher than 2.5%. In contrast to the previous week, the bearish signs have increased. In a previous report, the CME March contract had a premium of more than 2%, while unregulated exchanges had lower premiums. But things changed in the following week. On the other hand, the contract premiums due in June show a consistent tendency to change on a week-on-month basis for the two types of exchange contracts.