Twitter launches bitcoin emoji, sparks cryptocurrency community binge

On February 2, social media giant Twitter introduced a bitcoin emoji, which sparked a rave in the cryptocurrency community.

It is reported that Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and CEO, first posted this emoji on Twitter and marked Unicode responsible for the standard management of characters.


Dorsey said that when current Twitter users write down Bitcoin or BTC tags, an image of the Bitcoin symbol appears next to it.

In addition, Dorsey also proposed to include the symbol in the Unicode text encoding standard, which was appreciated by the cryptocurrency community. For example, Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark also initiated a request.


Since then, more members of the cryptocurrency community have participated.

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance used the emoji and suggested it to community members to make it popular on Twitter.

Cryptocurrency blogger IvanOnTech even said that this marks a 10% increase in Bitcoin's fundamentals, and in his opinion, the hope of Bitcoin reaching $ 100,000 has become even greater.


Cryptocurrency community member Brad Mills used the topic to play a joke on other mainstream currencies.


Now, people want to know if other social media giants will follow Twitter?