PeckShield: Tron LuckLambo104 guessing game continues to be attacked by hacking transaction rollback

The PeckShield security shield risk control platform DAppShield monitored yesterday from 10:00 to 23:00, and hackers starting with TKnzni continued to launch transaction rollback attacks on LuckLambo104 contract addresses starting with TGsyJF by creating attack contracts, which totaled 6,588 TRX. PeckShield security personnel further research found that the contract was created at 23 o'clock on February 01, was attacked the next day after the launch, and the contract balance has now returned to zero. PeckShield hereby reminds that DApp developers should establish a one-click pause game operation mechanism when they are subjected to abnormal attacks, especially to filter contract players. Gamers should also stop participating in the game being attacked in time to avoid creating larger digital assets loss.