Why we are only at the beginning of the currency revolution


Don't overuse encryption space

Money is the root cause of most problems in the world.

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created an efficient alternative that would destroy our entire world in a more equal, redistribution of wealth and peer-to-peer cashless trading system.

But not tomorrow.

Every revolution has its own stages, and we cannot predict exactly what will come out of it and what great innovations will bring us.

Whenever I see a similar post; 10 million euros per bitcoin? , My feelings for cryptocurrencies have fallen back again. First, because price is not everything in the money revolution.

It's like saying that the Internet was only invented for email.

We need patience, a lot of patience. A complete system change may take 20 years.

That's why we should be patient and enjoy the footsteps of babies instead of surpassing ourselves.

Technology adoption life cycle

The technology adoption life cycle is a sociological model that describes the adoption or acceptance of new products or innovations based on the demographic and psychological characteristics of a defined group of adopters.

Bitcoin is in the early adopter phase, and we are still climbing the steep red parabola of expected inflation.

When we first started, we were still really good. As last year's ICO bubble burst, false expectations will burst. According to this chart, there will be a sense of disillusionment.

What matters most now is the adoption of more conservative early adopters. The groups of early adopters are different, and logically, the hardest to convince are conservatives.

This is also known as the divide among early adopters.

This can be achieved through significant improvements in technology. For example, I am considering the Bitcoin community to solve the problem of scale. This will mean that the Lightning Network is taking an important step.

So our real position is to face Moon Boys and Boys between innovators and 13.5% of early adopters.

I don't know if the coming economic crisis will further accelerate the enthusiasm of conservative adopters and start buying, hosting and using Bitcoin. Even better, start to believe.

Only time will give the answer.

The success of the money revolution

Up to non-technical staff

Innovation is only good if it changes people's daily lives.

Let's face it, we are far from the Bitcoin that changed the lives of ordinary people.

The addition of non-technical personnel is the beginning of most members in the life cycle diagram. I would say 5 to 8 years from now.

Through technological improvements, it is necessary to reduce the barriers to buying Bitcoin and applying blockchain technology, while raising awareness.

We are talking about Bitcoin's safe-haven currency argument here. People in hyperinflationary countries like Argentina and Venezuela continue to set records in their purchases of over-the-counter medicines.

Today, access to Bitcoin is indeed not so easy due to regulatory restrictions.

Many wallets are unavailable in some countries, and the step by step to recharge your bitcoin has slowly reached, but then you pay high commissions in consumer wallets like Coinbase. Similarly, a centralized company benefits from decentralized ideas. Nothing really changed, did it?

Another group that benefits from Bitcoin and its monetary commitment to people is the global conscious community. In fact, I believe they will benefit more from blockchain technology to run transparent processes and reverse the pyramids that need to be reversed.

The team should be interested because they also want to make real changes that technology can make for the first time in hundreds of years.

Trust element

The element of trust is also considered here.

Remember the first time you scanned a QR code and sent $ 10 to a public wallet address? Exciting? I had to do it 5 times until I really relaxed.

Don't take it lightly, 2.7 million cryptocurrencies are hacked every day. Similarly, ordinary non-technical staff will perform due diligence before transferring their savings to an anonymous, distrustful network without customer service.

When was the last time a big bank was hacked? Mentioned that 17 oldest hacker nerds steal top 5 crypto transactions every year

Similarly, get yourself into the minds and experiences of people who are okay with current systems. Why did they move to our post-liberals, crypto punks, and crypto believers?

My best guess is that only if their traditional funding is really at risk. This will hit their core interests.

Once again, an unprecedented economic crisis, even in the western world, bank failures and bank runs are creepy things.

Changing infrastructure takes time

With every major technological revolution of mankind, a new infrastructure must be established. When we move from a carriage to a car, we need to build a road. Most people think it will never work.

As we move from using gas pipes in homes to using electricity, new infrastructure needs to be connected to all houses, buildings, etc. Just think about it.

Recently, when we moved from analog technology to digital technology, we needed to sink the fiber into the ground, in a complete ocean, to make our connections digital, fast and noise-free.

Remember the old dial phone and how much noise? People are so used to it that phone companies that are just going digital have created digital noise, just to make people feel relieved.

Isn't that incredible? People don't want disruptive changes to change their habits.

Now, the new infrastructure for decentralized accounting, verification, execution of contracts and storage of data is blockchain technology. The Bitcoin blockchain has more than a decade of history, and it is the best, most secure and tested.

It will become the infrastructure for things that really change our lives, such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars and robotics.

But we really have just begun!

First of all, we must solve 2 main blockchain problems before we can become the mainstream trust and use method.

• Scalability

• Speed

When you like decentralized management, you can only do it so fast and on such a large scale. These issues must and will be resolved, but it is easy to add another 5-10 years.

When you vote on a blockchain-powered system, you don't want the same 17-year-old nerd hacker to change history by electing fewer people to vote.

The public needs to adapt to the fact that we are moving towards a network operating structure to manage our society. Politics, the economy, the environment, and almost all parts of our lives are likely to run the blockchain in the future. Eventually everything can be tokenized.

Of course, even if they knew what the blockchain was and did from the beginning, many still yelled that it would not work. But this will be our next huge infrastructure change, and it will take decades. Oh yes, most will focus again. It coexists with decentralized systems, and that's where the real change lies.

My favorite thing about the technological revolution is that it will evolve in a mysterious way.

We can predict things such as bitcoin becoming a store of value, digital gold in the new data economy, and the new economic crisis that will make adoption rates tend to be conservative for early adopters, and may even push to the top of most early adoption rates. It really caught the attention of fans, and the bank fell like dominoes.

At the beginning of the information revolution (Internet), we couldn't predict that you could actually spread the virus through stupid dances or songs on YouTube over the weekend and attract millions of followers. Or the rise and popularity of influencers becomes more important than knowledge or even truth.

We have never been able to predict the Arab Spring. The Egyptian revolution was triggered by the rally of demonstrators via Facebook.

But what we learned from the same revolution is that the new leaders of the people have adopted the same dictator, they just changed the Emperer's robe, Egypt's political, economic and social environment may be worse now than it was before the "revolution" .

I believe that a real monetary revolution in the process of decentralization can only play a role when our large-scale consciousness also undergoes a revolution. Spirit needs to go hand in hand with technology.

That's why continuing to talk about Bitcoin price is just an empty shell and has nothing to do with its true potential.

Because it is mainly driven by good old greed. Remember when our old damaged system was built on the same thing? It is these systems, a great new technology, the so-called blockchain and bitcoin, that can destroy and transform into something that is good for all of us.

patience. Tell the story of a better world through the money revolution and the decentralization movement. I believe that changes in our economic system are key to the survival of our human beings.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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