MakerDAO completes first earnings auction to reduce 18.21 MKR circulations at $ 10,000

MakerDAO has completed the first Surplus Auctions. In this auction, a user has acquired 10,000 Dais with 18.21 MKRs, and these 18.21 MKRs will be permanently destroyed. According to the official MakerDAO document, when the Maker system works well and the Dai net surplus generated by the stable rate reaches a certain amount, this part of the Dai surplus will be auctioned to participants to obtain the MakerDAO governance token MKR, and Destroy this part of MKR permanently to reduce MKR circulation. In this auction, the market price of 18.21 MKRs is about 10,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 10,000 Dais.