Zhu Jiaming: Although the blockchain industry has made progress, it is expected to be much slower

On February 3, Zhu Jiaming, Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Research Institute, published a discussion on industrial blockchain, saying that we generally think that the concept of "blockchain industry" is inspired by the concept of "Internet industry". Hope In the field of blockchain, the history of deep integration of the Internet and industry can be repeated, and eventually an industrial form based on blockchain technology will be formed. However, in real economic activities, although the blockchain industry has made progress, it is expected to be much slower, especially it is difficult to repeat and transplant the historical experience of industrial interconnection, and the prospect of breakthrough in the short term is not seen. Zhu Jiaming pointed out that from the perspectives of technology, industrialization sequence, evolution mechanism, application mode, and expansion paradigm, the difficulty of the industrial blockchain lies in the fact that the industrial interconnection model cannot be copied. The most difficult application of blockchain technology is the real economy. Without the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy, the industrial blockchain always stays in the initial stage.