Bitcoin Association founding chairman refutes allegations of BSV "patent rogue"

"Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver tweeted that preparing to sue everyone for patents is the exact definition of nepotism capitalism and one of the main reasons I don't want to have any relationship with Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre or BSV. Bitcoin expert Steve Patterson commented that BSV could have more allies without patent rogues and lawsuits. This is bad business. The founding chairman of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, opposes the allegations of "patent rogues", saying that this is not the case because millions of pounds are paid each year to pay researchers' salaries to research inventions and patents, and to pay lawyers to build the world's largest and most complex One of the blockchain intellectual property projects is very meaningful … The allegations of "patent rogues" are ridiculous. Note: Crony capitalism is also known as wealthy capitalism, which refers to the conspiracy of power and capital to occupy and monopolize the wealth of society, and to cut off non-powerful people (especially the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises) to obtain wealth through hard work and wisdom. Way out.