Bank of Japan to hold central bank digital currency (CBDC) theme forum on 27th of this month

The Bank of Japan announced today that it will hold a theme forum on "The Future of Transaction Settlement: The Future of the Bank's Digital Currency and Settlement System" on February 27. Recruitment of forum participants will now be initiated, with a plan to recruit up to 150 people. The Bank of Japan said that in the past year, the stablecoin represented by Libra has received the most attention in settlement-related news. Stablecoins have the potential to improve settlement services, but on the other hand, if various issues such as money laundering, cyber attacks, data protection, consumer and investor protection are not resolved, users will not be able to continue to earn. In addition, the stablecoin may weaken the effect of financial policies, and the stability of the financial system may also be damaged. Based on the above issues, as a central bank whose mission is to maintain and improve the efficiency and security of the settlement system, it is necessary to deepen the understanding of various issues of digital currencies and take various measures.