Privacy project Origo mainnet launched on January 21

The privacy project Origo.Network publishes a blog, announcing that the mainnet will go live on January 21, 2020. The total supply of OGO tokens is 1 billion.The OGO obtained by the genesis block will be used in five aspects: ecosystem, foundation, team, consulting department and market circulation. The article states that the right to privacy has been the core of the Origo blockchain network from the beginning. Similarly, the team firmly believes that providing privacy on the blockchain is critical to making full use of blockchain technology in the real world. The team believes that the privacy requirements in blockchain smart contracts are reasonable, and also takes into account regulatory and business reasons .

After the genesis block, Origo's token OGO will be allocated to the following five addresses:

Origo Foundation Address: 0xe483d4D3D4CD86E42CbAEd3D3fe09402AeeAEC6e, Quantity: 83,460,131.75

Ecosystem address: 0x337E6796855fCe218b71E54B95385489cc6cD1A1, Quantity: 114,203,325.80.Origo

Team address: 0x04632b8f8890D1438aAa1F452A929be56d5A7c5E, quantity: 125,000,000.00.

Address of consulting department: 0xAE40127cC6E94B2Bf501AE5e5E82338okE6D65B989, number: 16,666,665.99.ERC-20

Circulation address: 0x7f668e9AAfA536287AE69A1ebae5DdFf8e139680, quantity: 419,908,836.50.

Adding 240,761,040.00 OGO tokens to be used for mining distribution, the total number of original OGOs will be 1 billion. This distribution ensures that existing ERC-20 tokens will be distributed 1: 1 to the origo mainnet.

Origo is a blockchain based on the Ethereum network. Users can access the Origo network through Ethereum wallets, such as Metamask. After the mainnet launch, existing Origo ERC-20 tokens can still be traded on existing trading platforms. The team is working closely with various trading platforms to integrate the mainnet.