Privacy project Origo Network to destroy 150 million tokens, accounting for 15% of total

The privacy project Origo Network announced that for ecological sustainability, Origo will destroy a total of 15%, which is 150 million OGO tokens. Specifically, 15% of the token destruction is divided into two parts, 9% of the tokens, that is, 90 million OGO will be destroyed from the ecosystem reserve, and the remaining 6% of the tokens will be destroyed from the foundation's reserve . The first destruction will take place on January 29, and this time 50 million OGOs will be destroyed.
According to reports, the Origo mainnet went live on January 21, and Origo's token OGO will be allocated to the following five addresses:
Origo Foundation address: 0xe483d4D3D4CD86E42CbAEd3D3fe09402AeeAEC6e, number: 83,460,131.75;
Ecosystem address: 0x337E6796855fCe218b71E54B95385489cc6cD1A1, quantity: 114,203,325.80.

Origo team address: 0x04632b8f8890D1438aAa1F452A929be56d5A7c5E, quantity: 125,000,000.00.
Address of consulting department: 0xAE40127cC6E94B2Bf501AE5e5E82338okE6D65B989, number: 16,666,665.99.

ERC-20 circulation address: 0x7f668e9AAfA536287AE69A1ebae5DdFf8e139680, quantity: 419,908,836.50.

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