BTC prices are picking up, miners are out of stock, but the mine is empty …

At 9:30 am on February 3rd, the A-share market for the Spring Festival was suspended. Nearly 3,000 stocks fell due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic. The data shows that the concept stocks of the blockchain also plunged more than 9%, and only 7 of the 217 concept stocks rose.

However, looking back at this Spring Festival, Bitcoin has risen by about $ 1,000 against the trend. At 9:30 am on the 3rd, bitcoin rose to $ 9,600 in a short period of time, hitting its highest price in three months. QKL123 data show that the 1,000 US dollars have changed the market sentiment from fear to greed.

On January 28th, Bitcoin mining difficulty was adjusted to 15.47T, an increase of 4.67%. Based on this, the average computing power was estimated to be about 110E, which is the highest since the birth of Bitcoin. predicts that the difficulty will rise to 16.13 T after 7 days, an increase of 4.31%.

This New Year's start should be good for Bitcoin mining. However, due to the epidemic, Bitcoin mining was not particularly smooth.

Bitcoin hashrate

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out of stock! Miners are expected to increase prices in February-March

Affected by the epidemic, Bitmain, Jianan Yunzhi, Shenma Mining Machine, and Core Motion Mining Machine have all issued announcements to postpone production, delivery, and after-sales time. The current start date is generally postponed to about February 10. For mining machinery companies, the impact of the epidemic mainly includes factory operations, logistics and express delivery, and machine repairs.

Chen Feng, the sales director of Jianan Yunzhi, told Babbitt that there were three main impacts of the epidemic on mining machine makers.

First, at present, there are not many spot miners on hand at several major manufacturers. Based on this speculation, the price of bitcoin miners will increase in February-March.

Second, the factory is currently unable to start construction. At present, it may be officially started from February 15th to 20th, and it is gradually started, because the workers will not be in place, and the output of mining machines will be affected in February.

Third, the delivery of mining machines mainly depends on SF and Debang logistics. Debon has not yet recovered. SF can only send express delivery, which is relatively expensive. The policy of Xinjiang, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other places is that foreign vehicles are not allowed to enter, which also affects freight logistics.

Chen Feng said that as far as he knows, the workers in the western mine are not in place, so there are also problems with the new machine. The embarrassing thing is that with the rise in the price of bitcoin, market demand has come up.

For Shenma Mining Machine, the situation is exactly the same. Zhang Wencheng, the sales director of Shenma Mining Machinery, said in a circle of friends: "The 52W / T M20S that will be shipped after February 10 will be shipped immediately after resuming work."

He told Babbitt that it would take time to fully return to normal, as far as Guangdong is concerned, the resumption of work would be after February 10. Even when shipped, no one works at the mine.

Liu Kuan is the CEO of Jiejie Mining. This is a company that deals in mining machine distribution and hosting. She told Babbitt that she can currently ship through SF, but usually the shipping cost is 50 yuan, and now only aviation The cost has risen to 155 yuan. As a dealer, she admits that it is influential but not very big, at least for now.

nobody! People outside can't get in, people inside can't get out

Selling a mining machine is a headache, and buying a mining machine is not very comfortable.

Jiang Zhuoer, founder of Leibite mining pool, posted on Weibo that the front-line mines in various places are in bad condition. "Traffic and materials are cut off everywhere, and people cannot be moved. Xinjiang is the most exaggerated. Before entering Xinjiang, it was taken away for 20 days and the company could not resume work. We left half of the staff on duty a year ago, and now there are not enough staff. It is just that the mining machine online rate is poor The main impact is that there are some mines that have stopped construction and power outages, and thousands of mining machines cannot be called out. "

At present, as far as China is concerned, the flood season in Sichuan has passed, and the main site for mining is in Xinjiang, where thermal power is generated. However, as Jiang Zhuoer said, Xinjiang's prevention and control policies are very strict.

Yin Changming, the founder of Xiaoqiang Mining Machine, told Babbitt that Xiaoqiang Mining Machine is a customized mining machine brand, and some of its own mining machines are mining at the mine. In response to the epidemic, the measures they took were to cut their own computing power to the current situation. Customers. Among the mines, Sichuan and Guizhou have little influence, and the main problem is in Xinjiang.

He took one of the mines with 4,000 machines as an example. It turned out that 4 operation and maintenance personnel were arranged during the Spring Festival. They went to work in the mine and returned to the living area after work. As a result, due to the policy, three of the operation and maintenance personnel were restricted from entering the mine, and there was only one operation and maintenance personnel left in the mine. He could not leave the mine, and only regular items were delivered to him by the staff.

Yin Changming said that at present, the machine is broken and cannot be repaired. It is necessary to rely on operation and maintenance personnel to match the existing accessories to repair it by themselves. Fortunately, Xinjiang ’s power and network are relatively stable, and no large-scale computing power has occurred. "I think the only problem is rework." He said.

The change is imminent, this is another "big test" of China's mining industry

At present, it is about 3 months before Bitcoin is halved. The new coronavirus epidemic has affected global policies and the economy. Brexit …

Adding to all these events, this round of bitcoin price increases began to be interpreted by the market as entering into a "half time", which means that the market is beginning to be bullish on the rise of bitcoin.

However, will Bitcoin really benefit from "chaos"? This seems to have no theoretical basis. Is it skyrocketing or skyrocketing? This may be the answer everyone wants for 20202.

At present, the vast majority of global mining machine manufacturers and mining companies are in China. Affected by the epidemic, this will become a challenge for all enterprises.

The listed Jia Nan Yun Zhi, the industry's first bit continent, the rising star Shenma mining machine, the disaster situation is also an opportunity, who can highlight the encirclement in the first quarter? Who can play new tricks? This is perhaps the biggest focus of the mining industry next.