Privacy project Origo reaches cooperation with Russian payment giant QIWI

Origo, a privacy project, has announced a partnership with Russian payment giant QIWI to work together to advance a distributed ledger privacy solution. QIWI is also known as "Russian Alipay".

Recently, Origo and QIWI blockchain technology companies will work together to advance distributed ledger and computing technologies worldwide. QIWI is a leading payment and financial services provider, also known as "Russian Alipay". QIWI operates electronic online payment systems mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, the United States and the United Arab Emirates, with at least 51 million QIWI wallet users using its network each month.

The article states that Ethereum promotes the development of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin through smart contracts, allowing digital assets to be directly controlled by a piece of code, creating possibilities for more complex applications. However, current smart contracts do not have privacy. The input data and execution results of smart contracts are publicly visible to the entire network, which limits the use of many companies and individuals involved in privacy in the real world.

Origo Network is a privacy protection platform for decentralized applications. By combining innovative privacy protocols with an efficient zero-knowledge proof framework, the Origo network can effectively protect the privacy of input, output data, and transaction privacy of decentralized applications. Through this joint cooperation, the two parties are expected to advance distributed ledger technology and provide privacy solutions for consumer points and KYC.

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