Anti-virus, how to win a distributed war?

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Author: Guo Aerospace

Viruses are extremely distributed, but we are dealing with them in a centralized way.

The outbreak of a gunshot, the Chinese bought the global masks short in seven days, and the network gathered Chinese forces distributed worldwide

Embracing distributed forces and carrying out large-scale network-based collaborations, China will burst into atomic fusion-like forces

The extreme of centralization will make us only hear distant crying. Distributed authorization will allow us to save the people in immediate danger.

The epidemic took place for 56 days, and Wuhan closed the city on the 11th.

We don't need a secretary who just reads the drafts and ignores the reporter's questions, we don't need a mayor who is willing to resign as a retreat, and we are angry at people who use the bus E0260W to remove 3M masks. While distressing for the frontline medical staff, we faced the lone city of Wuhan in January, and tortured: Can we do better?

SARS is the first national mobilization in the Internet era . When the fashionable little BATJ withstood the baptism, the network business model seized an opportunity, and e-commerce began to prevail.

The new crown virus is the first national mobilization in the blockchain era . Relying on the developed Internet, this mobilization is far-reaching. Supporting Wuhan and Hubei is the biggest consensus. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese have instantly formed a network, showing unparalleled determination and efficiency from the bottom up.

Unfortunately, we couldn't pass the exam

Endless articles, pieced together truth

Numerous questions first target various figures facing the public. Various common sense has been able to deduce the actual number of infections has long been announced: 3 out of 206 nationals withdrawn from Japan, 18 with 368 withdrawn from Korea, 10 million How many infected people should there be in Wuhan in the same proportion?

Insufficient supplies bought and donated around the world?

Although people who explore the truth run away in lonely cities, they are often "isolated" on the day the video is released.

Feelings of unclear truth inevitably appear to be affectionate. The truth may lie in distributed search.

Highly recommended via "Paper Clips: Everything About New Crown Pneumonia"

Some live photos, articles, and videos have been deleted frequently, but enthusiastic people who have always been 100,000+ have always found reprints that are too late to delete. Speaking of this, they have a little sympathy for Tencent.

Asking questions can bring you closer to the truth. In this outbreak, those who dare to ask questions are heroes, even if they were once considered to be rumors. Traces on countless network nodes faithfully record history.

It is a pity that a lot of centralized thinking is not to solve the problem, but to "solve" the person who raised the problem.

In the race against time, every request is to shirk responsibility

The terrible thing about the virus is that even if the intervention is only a few days apart, the death toll could change from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Bill Gates warned five years ago that humans were seriously unprepared for the epidemic.

via Bill Gates: Are we ready for the outbreak?

Viruses are extremely distributed. Each virus is a distributed infection center that holds the complete genome, just like a complete block, chain-replicated and continuous.

Our war with viruses is a distributed war, everywhere, nowhere to run.

Figure: Distributed war of viruses

In China in 2003, there were no high-speed rails and there were not many expressways, and private cars were even rarer. SARS spread for more than 7 months, and the number of mainland patients was only over 5,300.

By 2020, 300,000 people in Wuhan can leave the city overnight, and 5 million people can evacuate within two weeks. In less than 2 months, the number of new crown virus patients in the Mainland has exceeded 10,000.

Original: Comparison of two outbreaks

The times have changed, and our prevention and control system is still in the " pre-Internet era "-decision-making basically depends on instructions, actions basically rely on instructions, and it responds to this accelerated distributed war in an extremely centralized manner.

The CDC, the top three hospitals, the news center, and the Charity Federation … A series of centers control various resources, from masks to medicines, from information to numbers, and issue various instructions from top to bottom Causes various information distortions, delays in implementation, misjudgments, inefficient distribution of materials and so on.

The identification and release of infectious diseases is the rallying number of this war, but its authority is firmly in the hands of centralized organizations, the only, sacred and inviolable. Under all constraints, even if the expertise and character of those experts are not questioned, who can guarantee that they will not make mistakes and be timely?

Eight doctors in Wuhan were the first to warn of the new coronavirus. They are in the front line and can hear gunfire and smoke. Although they have professional test reports, they were only "admonished" because they were released "without authorization" before official confirmation.

They were whistles, but they were treated as crows. The admonitions continued, and the epidemic followed.

They may violate certain management rules, but they are all professionals. Where there is a blockchain-based warning platform for professionals to speak out, there are many “non-authoritative” but professional reminders from the public, and there may be more people It will put on a mask in advance, and the Wuhan government may take control measures in advance.

Unfortunately, history has no if, but we cannot ignore what should have been possible.

The aviation industry has a "Hain's Law". Behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 threatened attempts, and 1,000 accident hazards. The question is, before the outbreak of the accident, were the 1,329 hidden dangers, threats, and minor accidents publicized, warned, or concealed or forgotten?

In fact, these eight doctors are by no means prophets, and their voices are by no means solitary.

A mask company called "Stable Medical", as early as December 20, 2019, they canceled the year-end executive meeting originally scheduled to be held in Hubei and replaced it with a video conference. On January 10, although Wuhan has not Reporting the epidemic situation, Steady Medical still decided that the Spring Festival will not be closed, and full production of masks. They step on the opposite node twice in a row because they are a small center with autonomy.

via Steady Medical Website

It's the real systemic risk that 10,000 horses are all together. Maxima is often found in crisis, but unfortunately it is not often. Under the highly centralized release mechanism, these weak signals of reason have no chance to reach the public.

Countless opportunities were delayed during the request. Obviously the doctor has been infected, and he is afraid to confirm the transmission from person to person. Only the old academician Zhong Nanshan can make a final decision; the epidemic situation must be reported and publicly requested, and the letter of introduction must be used ……

The ancients also knew that things were in a hurry. In crisis, quickly decentralize decision-making power; trust the profession and let the hospital determine whether to make it public, instead of relying on laymen to guide them!

The time everyone saved desperately was delayed

Anti-virus is a distributed war, but we are still stuck in a centralized rescue approach . Numerous private self-organized actions can hardly be incorporated into the protests, and the hard-earned materials are easily expropriated by sticking. What really builds prestige in the hearts of the people is Han Hong's "Red Substance" Fund, not the Hubei Red Cross.

A gunshot broke out in Wuhan. From January 20th, the Chinese quickly bought global masks. Within a week, 56 million masks were shipped to China from all over the world. From Europe to the United States, from Japan to Vietnam, from Belarus to South Africa, even Zhejiang businessmen bought a mask factory in Cambodia, and the FireWire supported their hometown Zhejiang. Who said the Chinese are only good at buying luxury goods? The shocked countries even began to restrict the export of masks.

After the outbreak, we have communicated with people from no less than 10 non-profit organizations. They have self-employed entrepreneurs, natives of Wuhan, and blockchain investors, but they are not professional public welfare practitioners. There are probably millions of Chinese people like them around the world,

During the Spring Festival holiday, they do not pay for themselves for fame and fortune, and give up vacations. They care about which hospitals and areas lack masks or protective clothing, and they turn to find supplies and broadcast demand in hundreds of groups. Then, place an order, pay, ship …

In their group, there are contacts of all three hospitals in Wuhan, and they can synchronize the types of supplies that each hospital is short of.

They have opened up the overseas material procurement, logistics, customs and distribution processes. " As long as there are goods in the world, we can pay for logistics ."

They bought masks in Japan, drove around Japan, and contacted pharmacies and manufacturers. Because they bought too much, even Japanese drugstores with "China's fuel" had to be accompanied by the slogan "limited to one mask per person".

Blockchain peers have not been idle. In order to facilitate overseas donations, they have opened USDT donations. Binance, Huobi and other digital asset exchanges also donate in the same proportion. In less than a week, 109 young practitioners have raised more than 200,000 USDT, a total of more than 1.4 million RMB.

On February 1st, when I communicated with these people, I found that they had slowed down because they were out of stock in the world.

This gives me a real insight into the power of distributed, and it is extremely difficult to achieve unified government procurement. In the WeChat group, a mayor turned to his friends for help, the government could not do anything, and the masses could do it.

However, the time that everyone desperately won was delayed by the centralized organization.

I do n’t know if it ’s a coincidence. Anyway, none of the non-profit organizations I consulted through the Red Cross Society were donated directly to hospitals or doctors.

Good friend Xu Ke complained, “I have been doing public welfare for many years, and I really do n’t believe in any organization. I ’ll contact myself. I ’m tired, but it ’s all direct trains to the front line .” The ultimate beneficiary.

Human life is off, don't let charity become a privilege. Get help, but now it's forcible.

It is imperative that what is needed most is not before and after running, but integration of information, real-time feedback on what the hospital and doctors lack, and how much is missing, and then inform the information in real time. There are Kyushu links in warehouses, logistics and transportation services, so many software companies in information systems, and so many companies and buyers who buy masks …

After so many years of division of labor in the society, the Red Cross really did not contend for tasks it could not accomplish.

During the holidays, I have been discussing with my blockchain counterparts and Tsinghua alumni whether I can develop a blockchain-based charity information platform . Under the supervision of the government, every donation and materials will be entered, and everyone can check their whereabouts. Hospitals, institutions, and individuals can post requirements here, match point-to-point, and information can be chained and cannot be tampered with. The platform is open to society and can be audited and monitored after the fact. In this way, the poor elderly who donated 10,000 yuan to save money and save money would not be disappointed!

Once again, I strongly urged that the scope of activities of non-governmental charitable organizations should be opened, and technology should be used for supervision instead of centralized restrictions.

Impermanent water

A distributed crisis requires a distributed response.

This fight against viruses will ultimately win, not necessarily because of unified thinking and proper handling, but also because of individual differences among us. In addition to good life, survival of the fittest. Some people will die with the virus. Our best response is to take good care of ourselves, our families, and our own businesses. Let small organizations live and be healthy. This is the most powerful support for the central government.

I started to focus on distributed because of blockchain. Bitcoin is the most classic distributed case. Without the participation of a centralized organization, this system has been running smoothly for 11 years, and it is currently showing vitality. This at least shows that as long as the centralization rules are set up properly, distributed organizations can reflect great order and vitality.

Open source software also reflects the tremendous energy of distributed governance. As the source of open source software, GitHub has contributed a lot of wonderful software so far, many of which are still free. China nowadays actually needs an epidemic version of GitHub.

In Japan, Kazuo Inamori, who is known as the god of management, promotes the amoeba management law, which is also reduced to zero in large companies, and forms a self-financing amoeba organization, which is also his avoidance of large companies. Disease and bureaucracy. Today, Haier Group has also adopted a similar business model, eliminated the middle layer, and split the company into individual operating entities.

Qi Jiajun, who is highly combative in history, is best known for his battle array. This is a tactical squad of 12 soldiers with multiple arms. Each of them is extremely powerful in wartime. The ratio of killing and killing is usually 50 to 1. China is particularly efficient, and later generations of Zeng Guofan are following suit.

Our party is the originator of distributed warfare. The War of Resistance Against Japan was able to win a protracted war, because the invaders were drowned in the landmine wars and tunnel wars in the villages. The victory of the mass line is the distributed victory of full authority. It is sufficient for the Party Central Committee to formulate guidelines and strategies.

Distributed not only does not weaken the authority of the centralized organization, but is a powerful supplement to the centralized organization.

China does not lack spirit and strength. Standing in the future and looking back today, this new crown virus battle is the first national mobilization in the blockchain era, and its mobilization scope has been extended to all parts of the world. Faced with the distributed madness of viruses, we can deal with it better and faster in a distributed manner, without being so clumsy as it is today.

Activate the distributed organization in China. I hope the government can see and recognize the distributed organization as an effective supplement to the centralized organization. It can not only enhance the country's ability to respond to infectious diseases, but also greatly help to maintain the vitality and long-term development of China's private economy. The benefits may even become a new engine of economic development in the next decade.

The national system has reached the pinnacle in the world in building hospitals. However, the lack of autonomy of local governments will greatly curb the timeliness and effectiveness of policies. In the field of economic policy, we are glad to see that local governments like Suzhou are actively launching measures to support private SMEs. There is no step-by-step instruction, which is worthy of reference in Shanghai.

The starting point of reform and opening up was to change from accounting with production teams to contracting production to households. Economic entities are broken down from "production teams" at the molecular level to "individuals" at the atomic level. The essence of this fission is to respect individual choices and believe in the power of the market. Today, dividends are drifting away, not reform failures, but looking for new dividends.

The extreme of centralization will make us only hear distant crying. Distributed authorization can give us time to rescue the cat in distress.

Numerous fights against natural disasters and man-made disasters have proved that the Chinese never lack strong family feelings and the ability to distribute self-organization, but what we need is policy enlightenment and tolerance. The sand gathers into a tower and builds the Great Wall of our new era; it refuses to resist the trickle and converges to a wider China.


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