Data show that the overall growth rate of the Bitcoin lightning network is slowing down, or related to its own defects

According to the RatingToken big data monitoring platform, in the past 30 days, the number of Bitcoin lightning network nodes increased by 6.08% (upper period increased by 18.88%); the number of active nodes increased by 4.53% (upper period increased by 24.51%); the total number of node channels decreased. 1.8% (upper period period increased by 41.1%), network capacity was basically flat (upper period increased by 18.1%). Analysts believe that the overall growth rate of Lightning Network may slow down. Possible reasons: 1. Bitcoin lightning network itself is flawed (a. All nodes of the lightning network must be online, b. Users may lose all funds when trading); 2. The current market popularity of Bitcoin as a whole is low, and users have not yet formed the habit of paying using bitcoin in their daily lives.