ChainNode evaluation: WOOKONG Bio & Solo hardware wallet full experience

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My name is Babbit Chan.

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Experience fresh and good things.

In this issue of evaluation, we have brought two wallets, WOOKONG Bio and Solo. Let's try whether Goku can make digital asset management more convenient in addition to 72 changes.


<Out of the box experience>

WOOKONG is a hardware wallet brand owned by Beijing Yienyiwulian Technology Co., Ltd.

Today, the two I have at hand are Goku Bio and Solo, both of which are consumer hardware wallet products launched by the company.

The Bio box is slightly larger and looks square; the Solo box is small and similar to the volume of products we evaluated in the past.

Now I will take everyone to take a look at these two products separately.

Bio opened the box and presented the wallet-sized wallet body. Below is the card reader base. The next two cartons contain a typec data cable and product list, mnemonic card, quick guide card, etc.

The box opened by Solo is directly the Solo wallet size of the bank's online banking U shield. Below is the data cable, the QR code for quick start, and a mnemonic card.

<Getting started>

Bio is a very bright product. The small thickness of the bank card is equipped with a security chip of CC EAL4 +. The application of the ink screen is not only power-saving but also very durable. The Bluetooth connection with the fingerprint module is a collection of "black technology "A hardware wallet.

In addition, this is a Solo under the same door as Bio. Although the fuselage is slightly thin, but with the background of the team bank U shield production, the same integration of CC EAL4 + security chip, has a high cost performance.

Let ’s take a look at these two wallets separately. Is it really easy to use?


[Bio operation]

Bio is in the hands of a bank card, almost the same in terms of material and thickness.

The only special thing is that this thin card integrates a security chip, indicator light, ink screen, buttons, as well as a Bluetooth module and a fingerprint module.

Due to the addition of the Bluetooth module, the wallet is used in conjunction with the mobile phone APP operation. Unlike other hardware wallets that develop their own wallet programs, the official is currently adapted to support the wheat wallet and Karasen wallet as two hardware wallet management software in use.

Here I download the wheat wallet and try to link to Bio. Scan the code to download the wheat wallet and open the app.

In the wheat wallet app, select the hardware wallet below, and there is a small icon of WookongBio directly.

Link it, initialize the device, and prompt me to set a device PIN .

Then press the power button on the hardware wallet to confirm .

The addition of PIN is the first line of defense set by many hardware wallets in terms of security.

Followed by copying on the phone and verifying the mnemonic.

The following is a series of routine operations. Remember to enter the fingerprint . It takes a little time to enter the fingerprint. It takes about 15-20 times to prompt me to finish the entry. You can see the interface of asset management later.

* Tip: When creating a wallet for the first time, the generated mnemonic is displayed on the phone! Therefore, in this step, you must ensure that there are no cameras or other devices that may capture mnemonics, and if you use an Android phone when activating, consider the security of application permissions, it is recommended to initialize the device and turn on the mobile flight mode when creating a wallet.



Another wallet I experienced today is Solo.

Solo is a USB shield-style personal consumer-grade hardware wallet.

The package is very simple to open. The first layer is directly the wallet body, and the lower layer is a MicroUSB data cable, a mnemonic card, and a QR code card to guide the official website.

The wallet is an all-metal brushed case , but it is not very heavy when you get it. A 0.96-inch oled screen, four buttons, and a MicroUSB are used in conjunction with a computer.

The PC-side program downloaded from the official website of WOOKO.NG was installed on the computer, and the wallet was linked to the computer, prompting me to set a 6-8 digit PIN.

Copy the 24 word mnemonic on Solo screen. Be sure to copy it and keep it. Check the mnemonic and you can access the wallet on your computer.

The account interface is relatively refreshing. The drop-down menu can find all the supported currencies. It is surprising to find that Solo also provides users with a free EOS account benefits.

Just enter the account name you want according to the creation rules, it is very simple.

The above is the simple experience brought by the two wallets.

<Trading Experience>

In terms of security, both Bio and Solo have adopted a single security chip design. All hardware is directly connected to the security chip. What you see is what you sign, which prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

The security chip also passed the CC EAL4 + certification, which complies with national trade secret standards.

Compared with some wallet solutions that use a combination of security chip and general-purpose chip, it is quite safe.

Bio supports Bluetooth operation of mobile phones. Solo only supports the use of linked computers. It may be related to the different positioning of the two products. Let's try these two wallet products separately.

First look at Bio. Goku officials did not develop a corresponding mobile application for Bio, but chose to cooperate with software wallets such as Mai Wallet and Carlason Wallet . Here I will use the wheat wallet to experience how Bio performs the transfer operation on the mobile APP.

Open the wheat wallet and you can directly check the currency on Bio. For the currency stored on the hardware wallet, there is a Goku-specific icon.

Here we try to transfer Ethereum, the transfer process.

Click on ETH, the payment will not be introduced, just copy this address or save the QR code from elsewhere.

We click the transfer on the right side, the transfer to the wallet address is to paste the address to transfer, and scanning the QR code can directly scan the recipient's QR code for transfer.

Paste the address, enter the transfer amount, the slider below can select the miner fee, generally keep the default.

Next, confirm the transfer information and click "Confirm Transfer". At this time, Bio comes in handy. Turn on the search device, check the transfer address, amount, and miner fee on Bio's ink screen. Then touch the fingerprint after the error. Broadcast out.

Well, Bio's transfer is as simple as that.

Next turn on the computer, let's see how Solo works with the software.

Connect Solo to the computer via USB, open WOOKONG Wallet, and prompt Solo to enter the previously set PIN to unlock the device.

After unlocking, click Transfer to switch to the transfer interface. Below is an example of transferring Ethereum.

Fill in the payment address, select the currency you want to send, enter the transfer amount, and select the miner fee.

Click Confirm to send, check and check the complete transaction address, amount, and miner fees on Solo's screen. Click Solo to confirm the OK, and the transaction will be broadcast directly.

The entire operation process is not complicated, just a computer is needed.

It is worth mentioning that Solo has integrated BTC self-locking mining cross-chain project ChainX in the software.

Solo generates an independent ChainX hedging address for the user. Users can transfer BTC to this independent address and self-locking, they can participate in locked mining, mining PCX token rewards.


<Moment of review>

WOOKONG is a startup company dedicated to the development of blockchain security hardware products and solutions. The team's research and development background has the development experience of the bank's USB shield product.

The two products we got this time also saw their exploration on the hardware wallet.

After some experience, simply evaluate the two products separately.

Bio Wallet is a product that integrates an ink screen, a security chip, a fingerprint, and a Bluetooth module into the size of a bank card.

It feels good to cooperate with the wheat wallet operation, and in the daily deposit to obtain the payment address, the balance check operation does not require Bio to be with you.

Only during the transaction operation, the wallet can sign the transaction, but currently there are not many currencies supported by Bio, only BTC, ETH, EOS and most ERC20 tokens. I very much hope that the team can support the follow-up currency as soon as possible to adapt to more public chains.

This Solo product is positioned for consumer personal use. It must be used with a computer during use, and the corresponding software can be installed on both the PC and the MAC.

In experience, the mode that supports BTC lockout mining provides a new way to add value to the assets in the wallet. Although the operation on the computer side is not as portable as the operation of the wallet on a mobile phone, for you who are used to operating a computer, he will change the way you store digital assets. the way.

What new products do you expect to be available in 2020?

I believe that with the development of the asset security industry, more types of wallets will continue to come out, and you will definitely find the most suitable wallet to protect your asset security.

Benefits broadcast:

1. Follow the official Weibo of the ChainNode , forward and comment on this video, we will select 3 lucky ones, and will give each one a Solo or Bio hardware wallet provided by WOOKONG.

2. Comment on Tout on the official website of this website or APP. We will select one of the most notable reviews and give us a Bio worth 1099 yuan.

3. All partners who received the opportunity to send tests in previous programs, as long as they receive good products to share and list on the ChainNode “Good Things” section after receiving the product, they have the opportunity to win more opportunities for peripheral products. In 2020, more public testing experience opportunities for product evaluation will return to the chain node community, register the chain nodes as soon as possible , and play together in the "good things in the chain" !

Thank you WOOKONG × Chain Zuo Mall for the good things in this issue. Thank you Babbitt, Mars, Lianwen, Gyro, Green Onions, QKL123, Planet Daily, Block Rhythm for their strong support for our program.

This is the end of this period of evaluation. The evaluation of fresh and good things is all in Babbitt & Chain. Who should we talk about in the next evaluation? Waiting for you to leave a message.

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