FRANK: Bitcoin inflation will drop to 1.8% after halving, and miners' control over prices will decrease

On the evening of February 3rd, in the "How to Grab the Halving Market" WeChat livestream organized by the OKEx mining pool, AlphaCoin Fund founder FRANK said that from a price perspective, the Bitcoin supplier is divided into two categories, adding new chips Supply side and supply side of stock chips. As more and more bitcoins are mined, the former's impact on the price of bitcoin gradually weakens, while the latter's impact gradually increases. Bitcoin's inflation rate At present, the total circulation of Bitcoin is about 18 million, and the inflation rate is about 4%. After halving next year, the inflation rate will be as low as 1.8%. Before halving in 2016, the inflation rate was as high as 8%. At this stage, the price control of bitcoin by the mines and miners is not so strong.