Blockchain 50 index fell below 84% of issue price, sample stocks fell more than 9%


Author: Chen

On February 3, with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the Chinese A-share market officially opened. Although before the opening of the market, the central bank and other departments introduced a series of measures to provide liquidity in the market to ensure that the banking system has ample liquidity and a stable operation of the currency market during the special period of epidemic prevention and control. For example, on February 2, the central bank announced that it would launch 1.2 The trillion yuan of open market reverse repurchase operations invested funds; February 1, the central bank and other five departments issued 30 support measures. But when the market opened on February 3, except for some pharmaceutical stocks and pneumonia concept stocks, the stock market still fell sharply across the board.

As of 11:30 noon on February 3, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell 8.13%, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell 8.27%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell 8.17%, and the GEM Index fell 6.56%.

Affected by the broader market, China's first blockchain industry index, Blockchain 50 (SZ: 399286), also experienced its largest decline since listing.

As of 11:30 noon today, the Blockchain 50 Index has fallen by 8.47%, and it is now reported at RMB 2,986.11, which has officially fallen below the issue price. It is understood that the issue price of the index in the era of listing on December 24, 2019 was 3,120.58 yuan, and the opening price today was 2,952.35 yuan. This is the first opening price in 23 trading days since its listing. Before that, the blockchain The 50 Index performed well, rising all the way, but began to turn around on January 20, turning from rising to falling.

According to the financial network and on-chain financial statistics, the biggest drop in the Blockchain 50 Index this morning was more than 9%, and among its 50 sample stocks, except for BGI (SZ: 300676) (up 10%), the rest rose The 49 sample stocks all performed dismally, of which 23 were down more than 10%, 42 were down more than 9%, and only two were below 5%. They were SF Holdings (SZ: 002352) (down 1.71%) and Purple Xin Pharmaceutical (SZ: 002118) (down 3.95%).

At the same time, starting at 8 am this morning, BTC rose all the way up to $ 9618.78, then fell back slightly to around $ 9400, with a slight 24-hour increase, less than 1%.