Babbitt weekly election 丨 How is the blockchain industry in this "war epidemic"?

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.


In the last few days of the 2019 lunar calendar, "coronary pneumonia" became an uninvited guest, closing the city, closing the business, and isolating … crazy attacks on almost all industries in the country. Blockchain companies have acted one after another, making donations, donating materials, and the Quartet raising medical supplies, doing everything in their power to contribute to this "war epidemic."

[Common "War Epidemic"] Topic

With Wuhan in mind, blockchain practitioners are not bystanders

"Staying at home is the biggest contribution to society" unexpectedly became a true portrayal of the 2020 Spring Festival. A sudden "war epidemic" started around "Wuhan" on the eve of the Spring Festival. This is a war that we will win, but the process is so difficult. In these past days, the topic of concern in the blockchain industry has not been blockchain, Bitcoin or any other currency. We see that the blockchain industry is carrying out practical actions, donations, donations, and so on. Blockchain practitioners have never been bystanders in this "war."

I. Policy and supervision

Singapore's cryptocurrency regulatory law has officially entered into force, providing global cryptocurrency companies with the opportunity to apply for an operating license for the first time to conduct their business in the country. A notice from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine states that Ukrainian authorities will be able to "block the cryptocurrency wallet" in order to confiscate illegally acquired assets.

Singapore's cryptocurrency regulatory law takes effect, companies worldwide can apply for a license

Ukraine's Finance Minister: Ukraine will ban cryptocurrency wallets for illegal funds and may block wallets

Blockchain and physical applications

Xiong'an New District's first financial construction fund management blockchain information system successfully completed the penetrating payment of builders' salaries and supplier materials.

Japanese social media giant Line approved, starts trading its own digital currency domestically in April

Xiong'an New District's first financial construction fund management blockchain information system goes online

Third, technical direction

Grin ++ wallet developer David Burkett proposed a proposal to support Mimblewimble non-interactive transactions, which can be applied to blockchain projects such as Litecoin and Grin . This will greatly increase the usability of the project. The Hyperledger Alliance has officially released version 2.0 of its enterprise distributed ledger (DLT) platform, Hyperledger Fabric . It is reported that this version adds several major features and improves the communication between different participants.

Mimblewimble can realize non-interactive transactions, Litecoin, Grin, etc. will benefit

Super Ledger Fabric 2.0 is officially released, important updates are here

Is Plasma completely beaten into the cold? Why the Ethereum development community prefers Rollup technology

Taproot / Schnorr scheme gets BIP number, or Bitcoin soft fork most likely to be implemented this year

BCH levies a 12.5% ​​compulsory tax on miners sparking widespread discussion: Who will support the development team?

Another step closer, Ethereum 2.0 "channel" is verified

Fourth, investment and financing

Blockchain post-trade solution provider Baton Systems has raised an additional $ 4 million from VC Illuminate Financial and completed its $ 12 million financing.

Blockchain post-trade solution provider Baton Systems raises $ 4 million

Oil giant Saudi Aramco invests $ 5 million in blockchain company Vakt, blockchain becomes an important part of the oil trade

V. Mining

The price of bitcoin has gradually recovered in recent days. However, due to the impact of a new coronavirus epidemic, crypto mining farms are facing severe challenges. Since the Iranian government began regulating the cryptocurrency industry, it has issued more than 1,000 cryptocurrency mining licenses.

BTC prices are picking up, miners are out of stock, but the mine is empty …

Iran: Government has issued more than 1,000 mining licenses to miners, electricity bills remain a major challenge for miners


According to data from DeFi Pulse, the total value of DeFi lockups reached $ 882 million, a record high. The test network of Cosmos's first DeFi project, Kava, has officially started.

DeFi Monthly | Lockup Achieves Record High, Cosmos Launches First DeFi Project

Inventory of DeFi projects with significant progress in February: Aave & Genesis Vision

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

The United States, Cambodia, India and Japan have already revealed "digital currency ambitions". Former CFTC chairman revealed more details about the US central bank's digital currency. Zuckerberg said Libra is under the responsibility of the Libra Foundation, and Facebook is developing a Libra wallet.

Central bank digital currency

"Digital Dollar" latest details: or similar to the central bank's digital currency

Creating a national-level payment portal, Cambodia will launch a blockchain-based digital currency

India releases draft national blockchain strategy, recommends RBI to issue digital rupee

Depth | The fiat digital currency elephant dances, the industry is changing

Deutsche Bank: Digital RMB will weaken US dollar's dominance in global financial system

Japanese digital currency may hand over answer sheets in February, China and Libra or main driver


Zuckerberg: Libra is fully handled by the foundation, and Facebook is developing the Libra wallet

Libra Association Vice Chairman: Libra is building a governance model that disrupts the payment industry. Three tasks need to be completed before launch

British Telecom giant withdraws from Libra Association! But there are 1,500 companies waiting to join

Eight: Market

The CFTC chairman has stated that Ethereum futures are coming soon and he expects that Ethereum futures will enter the US market. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman said recently that Nasdaq is trying to launch bitcoin futures products.

U.S. CFTC chairman hints that Ethereum futures will be launched soon, and the United States should play a leading role in the blockchain field

CME Managing Director: CME Group Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume Reaches $ 100 Billion Since 2017

Institutional investor interest is worrying, last week Bakkt Bitcoin options trading volume was zero

Hitting another record high, the trading volume of bitcoin futures products on the Chiba Exchange exceeded US $ 100 billion

Nasdaq CEO: Working with partners to launch bitcoin futures