BitGo co-founder: The proceeds of the pledge token under the PoS mechanism actually come from non-pledge tokens.

On April 27th, Ben Davenport, co-founder of digital asset management company BitGo, issued a document saying that starting from 2018, more and more currencies have chosen PoS as their consensus mechanism. By pledge tokens, users can get the money each year. 4% to 15% of the proceeds, but these benefits actually come from users who do not pledge tokens. He explained that the Staking (PoS mining) award was created through inflation. If each person holding a particular crypto asset pledges all of its currency, each person's ownership of the pledge of the asset is constant after a period of time. However, if only a part of the currency is pledge, the owner of the part of the currency will indeed become richer, and the holder who does not pledge the token will therefore “pay the price” and its ownership will be diluted because the pledge token is obtained. More new coins.