Data: year-to-date, the average transaction size of ETH has increased by 122%, and the number of large transactions has increased by 169%

This year, Ethereum has consistently outperformed Bitcoin on a number of indicators. Skew data shows that Ethereum price is up 47% this year, while Bitcoin is up 29%. Ethereum futures and options also saw a significant increase in trading volume. IntoTheBlock data shows that since the beginning of the year, the average transaction size on the Ethereum network has increased by more than 122%. Although the average transaction size of Bitcoin has also increased (73%), it is far less than Ethereum. In addition, the number of large transactions on the Ethereum network increased from 130 on January 1 to 350 on February 2, an increase of up to 169%. Skew data shows that the daily trading volume of Ethereum futures increased significantly in mid-January.