Nandi Zhang, Renmin University of China: There are two ways to deploy a blockchain material chain architecture in terms of material donation and distribution scenarios

Zhang Nandiyang, Dean of the Qingdao Branch of the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, published a paper entitled "Blockchain + Epidemic: Fighting the Data in the Sun" As mentioned in the article, in terms of material donation and distribution scenarios, there can be two ways to deploy the blockchain material chain architecture: one is to build a special chain, placing all organizations involved in material donation and distribution on the same chain. Deploy multiple nodes within each organization to form an alliance chain. Another way is to use the organization type as a unit to build a chain of logistics, government departments, charities, and distribution channels to form a cross-chain network. This may make it easier to organize and collaborate within the chain. After the crisis, each chain can also be used for daily Other sharing scenarios.