Former Google vice president: Origo has better anonymity than the Mimblewimble protocol represented by Grin

Former Google Vice President Tyler Innes has published an article introducing and analyzing privacy cryptocurrency technology. Among them, he compared the privacy of Origo with the privacy technology of Mimblewimble represented by Grin. In his opinion, Origo has better privacy than Grin.

Tyler Innes claims that compared to the Mimblewimble protocol, the Origo protocol uses ZK-SNARKS to protect the privacy of sender and receiver addresses. One big advantage of Origo is. The anonymous set in Origo's private transaction model is all the private records it has previously created. From the perspective of information theory, this can provide stronger anonymity than the size of the typical 2 to 4 anonymous sets in Mimblewimble. Private transactions are easily tracked in Mimblewimble, but because of the large anonymous set of Origo, it is impossible to link to its private transactions.

In addition, Mimblewimble is the basic transaction model of UTXO. It does not support smart contracts. But in contrast Origo supports smart contracts that protect privacy. Many privacy-sensitive decentralized applications can only run on the Origo network. In short, Origo has better anonymity than Mimblewimble. Origo also has greater application potential in privacy protection applications. Users who care about privacy should pay more attention to the Origo network.

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