BigONE launches regular wealth management products such as BTC, ETH, EOS

On February 4th, BigONE launched the "USDT, BTC, ETH, and EOS Regular Money Management" products. As the explosion of the "BigONE Money Management" module, BONE, ETH, and EOS were swept away by users. It is understood that the four major mainstream currency products launched by BigONE this time have 14-day interest accrual and annualized income ranging from 3% to 6%, and the fundraising quotas are: 300,000 USDT, 50 BTC, 500 ETH, 100,000 EOS, about 1.2 million USDT, shows the asset strength and user depth of the BigONE platform. In the future, BigONE will add more products to meet the diverse needs of users and bring more diversified benefits to users.