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By Chen Haining

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2019 is the first year of the industrial blockchain, which is a controversial proposition.

The basic reason is that although the industrial blockchain started this year, its progress is very slow. Due to the strong B-side attributes of the industrial blockchain, the project is complex in reality, the service requirements are high, and the cost of multi-party collaboration is high. A project from project establishment to delivery to the final real application often takes a long time. Application of the day.

From a large number of practical projects, it can be seen that in the process of industrial blockchain from 1 to 100, blockchain alone cannot solve the problem, it needs to be combined with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so on.

Therefore, Zinc Link believes that the 2.0 era of the industrial blockchain is an era of technological integration and upgrading.

Of course, Zinc Link is not the only one to see this trend. In the past exchanges, Zinc Link found this group of like-minded people. This is also the origin of the "Technical Fusion" series of topics.

In December 2018, as the first media and institution, Zinc Link proposed and advocated the "industrial blockchain". In the past year, through in-depth interviews with more than 200 companies, more than 300 company founders and executives, they observed and analyzed dozens of vertical areas in the three major sectors of government affairs, people's livelihood and business, and wrote 200 industrial zones. Blockchain original in-depth manuscripts have witnessed and promoted the industrial blockchain from 0 to 1. It can be said that with the joint efforts of all industrial blockchain people and the favorable promotion of the 1024 policy, the application value of blockchain technology has been universally recognized.

Industrial blockchain is in the 1.0 era, and there are still many opportunities waiting to be tapped. As a medium for deeply cultivating industrial blockchains, Zinc Links also sees limitations and bottlenecks while seeing opportunities. For example, the poor scalability of the blockchain makes it unable to meet the use needs of most scenarios; the blockchain can achieve data Sharing, but the lack of data confirmation and privacy and security related technologies makes data sharing only stay in the blueprint stage; in the traceability supply chain scenario, the blockchain system cannot guarantee the authenticity of the on-chain source data ….. various bottlenecks, Making the blockchain not as it is expected to reduce trust friction and improve social benefits, often in most scenarios, the trust endorsement of individuals, institutions and other subjects is still required.

At present, the new generation of information technology represented by blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and presenting some new development characteristics. For example, single-point technology and single product innovation are accelerating the transition to integration, platformization, and systematic innovation of multi-technology integration and interaction. The core technology systems such as hardware, software, and services are being restructured. The innovation cycle is significantly shortened. Patterns are emerging quickly. In addition, the cross-penetration of next-generation information technology and manufacturing, materials, energy, and biological technologies has deepened.

In particular, the integration and development of blockchain technology and finance, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain, biomedicine and other fields have continued to deepen, bringing new development vitality to multiple industries. During the eighteenth collective study of the Central Political Bureau, it was pointed out that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovations and industrial changes. Blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, the main attack direction should be clarified, investment should be increased, and a number of key core technologies should be overcome to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

Governments, organizations and enterprises at home and abroad pay great attention to the blockchain industry, increase investment in technology and applications, strive to occupy development opportunities, provide new ideas for regional industrial innovation, and how to seize historical development opportunities is an urgent need to explore and discuss. Clear question.

To borrow the words of Joseph Pulitzer, a 19th-century American newspaper giant, the media is a watcher standing on the bow of the country's giant ship. He wants to review and forecast winds and shoals and reefs to ensure navigation safety. The zinc link heralded the arrival of the industrial blockchain and also the bottleneck of the industrial blockchain. Today, we are seeing a breakthrough in the bottleneck-technology integration.

At the time of the change of the old and the new, the academics and industry leaders represented by economist Zhu Jiaming, they started from their practical experience and talked about the development of the industrial blockchain 2.0 era. We hope to use this series of discussions on the integration of blockchain with other technologies to provide the industry with inspiration for the path of blockchain industry landing and jointly promote the historical process of industrial blockchain from 1 to 100.

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