Wuhan University team launches information exchange platform for protection against new crown pneumonia

According to Babbitt, on February 3, members of the CCF Blockchain Professional Committee and a team of professors and students of Professor Cui Xiaohui of the National Cyber ​​Security Institute of Wuhan University launched the "National Information Platform for Combating New Coronary Pneumonia Protective Materials-Xiyingshanlian V1.4. It is reported that the system covers the demand information and contact information of anti-pneumonia hospitals in Hubei Province, and will soon cover the whole country. The system realizes that the information of donors and recipients is completely open and transparent, and the two parties directly interface with each other, effectively assisting donors to quickly and accurately send protective materials to the hospital. Babbitt learned from the team's technical group members that the platform does not use blockchain technology. The main laboratory is the food safety blockchain project team. If the epidemic is urgent, the platform will be linked to the domain name of the blockchain security project . Platform link: http://charity.foodblockchain.com.cn/