ETC cooperative director points out problems with EEA's regulatory work

According to AMBCrypto, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) recently announced that it will test a sandbox for commercial use for authentication, branding, and coordination by the end of this year. ETC Cooperative Executive Director Bob Summerwill talked about super ledgers and governance at the ETC Summit and informed the community of support for ETC. He spoke of the initial differences between the EEA and the Ethereum Foundation and stated that they have resolved all issues and are working together to achieve a mainnet plan. "So what has just been announced will have more details next week at Devcon in Japan, which is their mainnet plan to run inside EA, and they should do so from the beginning, hoping to apply the resources of these companies to a cleaner, Better define Ethereum's public network itself. "He also mentioned that there are problems with the EEA's specification work, and its yellow paper assumes that there is only one network. He also claims to be willing to participate, and all Ethereum should be part of the network. According to previous reports, the EEA announced a partnership with Whiteblock to provide a test network for EEA's global members. EEA will use the Whiteblock Genesis test platform to manage and deploy the official test network. Whiteblock Genesis will provide end-to-end SaaS services for blockchain testing and development. EEA's testnet will serve as a sandbox for global business, helping enterprise-level Ethereum communities to build, collaborate, and test the next generation of Ethereum commercial applications.