Opinion: There is a problem with the new voting application at the Iowa Party Conference, you can consider using the blockchain voting platform

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, at the Iowa Democratic Party Conference recently, there were serious problems with the new mobile voting app, which caused inconsistent voting data to be submitted. This reminds cryptocurrency enthusiasts that blockchain can be used for voting. Voting platforms like Boston Voatz use blockchain and record votes on IBM's HyperLedger blockchain. Voatz has conducted a pilot test in West Virginia to provide "virtual ballots" for voters registered from outside the state, and it performed flawlessly. Voatz co-founder Nimit Sawhney made the following remarks as early as 2018 on the type of voting his company promotes: "Nothing is 100% secure, and so is paper voting, as it is now done. But in the electoral field To be innovative, we need to make the election process easier and find an easier way to vote. "There are some problems with voting using blockchain technology. For example, a decentralized network that is too open may expose votes, while a more secure, centralized, and private network needs to belong to a company that is truly trusted. Either way, changes need to be made so that the events in Iowa will not repeat itself.