Former Bitcoin core developer: Bitcoin will eventually fail, and may one day return to zero

According to AMBCrypto, many people attribute Bitcoin's success to a successful financial situation or adoption, while others recognize the importance of introducing decentralized control of personal funds. Former Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd recently stated that he believes that Bitcoin's success may also depend on the activities of other organizations or individuals. He said that if Bitcoin can force other institutions to come up with better guidelines on monetary fundamentals or other things that have a positive impact, then it can be considered successful. "If Bitcoin forces PayPal to adopt a more reasonable policy, Bitcoin will be successful, even if it is not widely used." Surprisingly, he also believes that Bitcoin may fall to zero one day, adding that Based on realistic specifications, Bitcoin will eventually fail. Bitcoin's success may also depend on whether the dollar will collapse before Bitcoin. Although no time frame was mentioned, he said that Bitcoin's lifespan in the next few years may be longer than the US dollar. Talking about Bitcoin mining and its profitability, he believes that if the future mining profit is not very high, its negative impact will still be small. He added, "All the question is whether there is sufficient funds for proof of work (PoW) to ensure the security of Bitcoin." He said that relying solely on transaction fees to ensure transaction security is "dangerous". Inflation rewards may be the right approach.