ETC developers: ETC will not exist if the "no license fallacy" is true

According to AMBCrypto, the cryptocurrency world is considered a decentralized world. However, as the community hopes to expand cryptocurrency use cases to a global level, there should be some level of centralization. However, ETC developer Donald McIntyre introduced the community to the principle of "no permission required fallacy", which is considered a principle because "blockchain is permissionless, which means that anything can be done, even if it takes destruction without Permitting behavior. "He said at a recent ETC summit," Of course, this must be wrong, because if this is true, ETC will no longer exist. "He further elaborated on the issue and pointed out that Like free markets, currencies, property, and agreements require strong underlying systems, and no permits are required to be protected by the ecosystem. He believes that the correct argument is, "Because the blockchain is license-free, any breach of license-free behavior must stop."