Ethereum 2.0 milestone, deposit contract bytecode completes formal verification

The Ethereum Foundation announced yesterday that the ETH 2.0 deposit contract byte code audit and formal verification have been completed by the technical team Runtime Verification. The Ethereum Foundation stated that this is an important milestone that brings the project closer to Phase 0 of the ETH 2.0 mainnet, but the Ethereum Foundation still hopes that other professionals or the community can provide more formal verification Feedback, you can submit related issues in the code base. In addition, the Ethereum Foundation stated that although the core principles of Phase 2 of ETH 2.0 have been clearly defined, its specific design is relatively open. Quilt (ConsenSys's research team) and eWASM (Ethereum Foundation's research team ) In the past year, a lot of energy has been spent on research, and the newly formed TXRX (ConsenSys's research team) will devote some energy to the second stage of research and development, and the initial focus will be on better understanding The complexity of cross-shard transactions, as well as research and prototype methods to integrate ETH 1.0 into ETH 2.0.