Was arrested for false evidence? Auburn's farce is added

Yesterday, the controversial figure Craig Wright (Oban Satoshi) ushered in new progress. Unsurprisingly, Craig Wright still did not get the bitcoin belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto. reason.


Auben Satoshi rewrites story: Bonded Courier is also a lawyer, so privileged

It is reported that Craig Wright applied for the client's confidentiality privilege for 11,000 documents of more than ten companies he had participated in. He also claimed that the "bonded courier" who provided him with private key documents was actually a lawyer. Communications are confidential and cannot be shared.

The latest developments have made the bizarre lawsuits more complicated.

Kleiman v Wright latest file content: 4

"The other party made a false statement, provided contradictory testimony under oath, and submitted false documents, and even his own lawyer was forced to refuse …"

In the latest information about the case, Craig Wright sought to assert the confidentiality of the parties to the dozen or so company documents it involved. The court has asked these companies to provide documents to verify some of Craig Wright's weird claims.

It is reported that Craig Wright first tried to claim the party's confidentiality privileges, and then tried to claim that he had no control over the company and could not access these documents without permission.

Among the companies that Auburn Sat claimed to have privileges, except nChain and the other two, all other companies have been dissolved, so according to current case law, Auburn Satoshi's privilege requirements are actually invalid.

The most ridiculous change is that Auburn Satoshi claimed that the bonded courier should have provided Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin private key, but in fact he is also a lawyer and therefore protected by the lawyer-client confidentiality privilege. (I have to say, this wave of operations by Satoshi Auburn is really annoying!)


"Craig claims that the bonded courier was a lawyer and that his communications were privileged."

How long can this ridiculous lawsuit last?

This strange statement about "bonded courier is a lawyer" is not actually the most embarrassing.

Earlier, in a document filed by Craig Wright to the court, he claimed that he had the private key of the following address:


The anonymous owner of the address recently signed a message with the private key, which wrote:


"The address 16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT does not belong to Satoshi Nakamoto or Satoshi Auburn, and Satoshi Auburn is a liar and a fraudster."

It is reported that Satoshi Auburn initially claimed that the bonded courier would arrive on January 1, 2020 and deliver the private key of 1 million BTC of the Tulip Trust Fund.

When that day finally arrived, Auburn had submitted a list of 16,000 addresses to the court, claiming that the courier had brought him a list of addresses, not the private key itself.

At present, many of the documents that Auburn Satoshi gave to the court are not credible, and some have even been proven to be fake.

How long do you think this farce will last?