Sony Corporation of Japan favors the digital economy and completes strategic investment in token issuance platform Securitize

According to Bitcoinist's report on February 5, Japanese multinational group Sony invested in Securitize, a blockchain company, through its venture capital fund SFV · GB LP. SFV ・ GB LP is a fund jointly managed by Sony Financial Ventures (SFV) and Global Brain. Securitize is a blockchain platform that helps companies issue compliant securities tokens.


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Sony and several venture capital firms invest in Securitize

Recently, Securitize has received more than $ 14 million in funding from venture capital firms including Nomura Holdings, MUFG Innovation Partners, Santander InnoVentures, and Blockchain Capital. The investment is an extension of Securitize's round of financing. Carlos Domingo, CEO and co-founder of Securitize, commented:

"This investment validates Securitize's position as one of the most important architects of the digital capital market, and adds another important addition to the list of companies that are increasingly investing in digital securities and seeing it as the future of the global capital market name."

SFV is part of Sony Financial Group. This Tokyo-based financial services group includes the holding company Sony Financial Holdings and a number of subsidiaries, such as Sony Life Insurance, Sony Insurance (Sony Assurance), Sony Bank (Sony Bank), Sony Payment Services (Sony Payment Services) and Sony Life Health (Sony Lifecare), etc.

The venture capital firm invests in startups and companies in Asia, North America and Europe and has been very active in supporting disruptive technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and robotics. SFV director Junji Nakamura commented:

"Securitize is expertly using blockchain technology to create a new asset class with amazing capabilities. We are excited to meet this challenge with Securitize and jointly create new value."

Its parent company, Sony, has been considering applying blockchain to various use cases, including digital rights management (DRM), and plans to use the technology on PlayStation 5.

What is a security token?

In 2019, security tokens and stablecoins are considered as the next big trend.They represent blockchain-based digital units, supported by real assets such as company stocks, real estate, bonds, funds and other stock products.

The goal of Securitize is to modernize the capital market by helping companies issue digital securities with considerable advantages in terms of liquidity, transaction speed and convenience.

This latest Sony investment shows that Japanese market participants are increasingly interested in security tokens. In 2019, MUFG formed a research alliance with 21 other companies to explore the application of blockchain and securities tokens in automatic securities settlement.